November 2020 Monthly Update

By Alyssa Parado

Welcome to the final (half) month of updates from our Q3 projects. Our Q4 projects have started this month and will continue through to February.


November 1-15

Done stuff




November 1-15

A range of updates, new content and tool reviews and testing. Reviewed 75 solutions for 44 students on over the last two week, adding that advice and code walk-throughs to the Practicalli Clojure book.

Several high-quality REPL driven development videos will be released soon, awaiting some final editing and post processing.

Practicalli Study Group

Continued solving challenges for the Live broadcasts, with a request to specifically do the Spiral Matrix challenge

Practicalli Clojure

Add SpaceVim to Clojure Editors in book now the Clojure command line bug is fixed. Continued adding REPL driven development approaches to solving challenges.

Launch Portal data navigator with any REPL using :env/dev and :inspect/portal-cli aliases. The REPL automatically evaluates the dev/user.clj source code file to require portal, open the portal window and add portal as a tap> source

+New sections


Practicalli clojure-deps-edn

Updates and fixes to the user level configuration for Clojure CLI projects. Added clj-kondo as a GitHub action to lint all pull requests and commits, ensuring aliases are in a good state.

Practicalli Data Science

Created a new (alpha state) book to provide practical guides to using Clojure tools and libraries to build applications in a data science context. Working with the SciCloj community to raise awareness of what is possible in this space and as I grow my understanding it will be captured in the Practicalli Data Science book.

Practicalli ClojureScript

Updated to new Practicalli theme and put all project content first, moving overview and design content to the reference section. The book will focus on figwheel-main, reagent and ClojureScript for the next quarter.

Practicalli Spacemacs

Update Clojure documentation section to show Clojure and Java documentation functions, including how to navigate to source code and specifications from help.

Hacking CIDER


November 1-15

Clojurists Together Project Update Q3 2020 November 1-15

Here is an overview of the work I did per project.






November 1-15

The last iteration was focused on reviews and testing of the tuple feature as well as the last adjustments for the Datomic compatibility.

Datomic Compatibility

Datomic API compatibility was finished up with more tests and the listen functionality that allows for callbacks on each transaction. Finally these features were merged with the PR #240.

Tuple Support

Tests were added for the different tuple types with the open PR #251 ready to review. We planned to finish this up in the upcoming days for the release of 0.3.3 of Datahike.

Release 0.3.3 Candidate

Since Datahike was extended with multiple new features a new release candidate was defined. It will include the following features:

After the review of the last PRs a release is planned within the next week.

Beyond Clojurists Together Tasks

We started working on a remote client for datahike-server. For the server we are now looking into a JSON API that would allow other programming languages to use Datahike.

The ClojureScript port is moving forward focussing on the transactor and query engine.

The upsert feature had to be adjusted and is now benchmarked in order to see which functions take most of the performance.