December 2022 Monthly Update

by Kathy Davis
As the new year begins, here are the latest updates on projects funded in Q3 2022.

Clojurists Together 2023 Long-Term Funding Announcement

by Daniel Compton
Clojurists Together is funding 10 developers $1.5k/month for 12 months

Q1 2023 Funding round and survey results

by Alyssa Parado
Applications are now open for funding

Clojurists Together 2022 board election results

by Daniel Compton
lvh and Maria Geller were automatically reelected

October 2022 Monthly Update

by Alyssa Parado
Here are the updates from our Q3 2022 Projects. Read more about Cljfx, Portal, Exo, Clojupedia, Biff,, Mathbox-cljs, and Clj-kondo and related.

Clojurists Together 2022 board nominations and annual members meeting

by Daniel Compton
Stand for the upcoming Clojurists Together board elections

Clojurists Together Long-Term Funding for 2022-2023

by Daniel Compton
Clojurists Together is going to fund 10 developers $1.5k/month for 12 months

September 2022 Monthly Update

by Alyssa Parado
Read updates about, Tablecloth and the final updates from our Q3 2021 long term projects with Bozhidar Batsov, Michiel Borkent, Dragan Djuric, Thomas Heller, and Nikita Prokopov.

Q3 2022 Funding Announcement

by Alyssa Parado, Maria Geller
Clojurists Together is funding 11 projects for Q3 2022. These projects are, ClojureDart, mathbox-cljs, Clj-kondo and related, Clojure Data Cookbook, Kaocha and related, Biff, Clojupedia, Exo, portal and cljfx.

Q3 2022 Survey Results - Part 1

by Maria Geller
We recently surveyed our members for feedback and to find out which projects they would like to see funded. We are also opening applications for Q3 2022 until 25th of July.