January 2020 Monthly Update

Read updates from Expound, Oz, and Deep Diamond

Q1 2020 Funding Announcement

This quarter we are funding Reagent, Ring, Fireplace, and Calva!

Q1 2020 Survey Results

We surveyed our members on what they wanted us to support this round. The main things they were interested in were Error messages, Documentation, Developer experience tools, Build tooling, IDE support, Test tooling, Linters, Profilers, and Data analysis/processing frameworks

November/December 2019 Monthly Update

November was the first month of our next funding round. libpython-clj and Deep Diamond started in November, Expound started in December, and Oz is starting in January. This is a combined update due to the holiday break.

October 2019 Monthly Update

October was our third and final month with this round of projects, check out their monthly update!

Q4 2019 Funding Announcement

Clojurists Together is happy to announce that for Q4 of 2019 (November-January) we are funding four projects: Expound with Ben Brinckerhoff, Deep Diamond (Neanderthal) with Dragan Djuric, Libpython-clj with David Levy, Oz with Christopher Small.

September 2019 Monthly Update

September was our second month with this round of projects, check out their monthly update!

Q4 2019 Survey Results and Call for Proposals

We surveyed our members to see what they wanted us to focus on. Our next funding round for new projects will close on Saturday, July 26th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST. We’ll be funding four projects $9,000 each over three months ($3,000/mo).

August 2019 Monthly Update

August was our first month with this new round of projects, check out their monthly update!

July 2019 Monthly Update

Daniel has just come back from Belgium to speak at Heart of Clojure about building stable foundations. The talk was recorded and will be coming out sometime in the future. We met lots of Clojurists Together supporters at the conference and had a stand there to talk about the work we are able to fund thanks to our members.