Companies and Individuals that support Clojurists Together are listed here. Founding sponsors are people who joined Clojurists Together early, and are marked with a ⭐️.

We are proud to be supported by 173 developer members and 46 company members

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Latacora, LLC

Retained security teams for startups.

Roam Research

A note-taking tool for networked thought.


A collaboration medium combining docs and whiteboards. Powered by Clojure!

Transduce Members


Metosin is the first Finnish software house specializing in Clojure. We arrange annually the biggest North-European Clojure conference called ClojuTRE


Nubank is the leading financial technology company in Latin America.


Cisco technology is creating a world of potential.


A privacy-first, open-source platform for knowledge management and collaboration.

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JUXT delivers secure and compliant bespoke software applications and platforms: from the world's busiest websites to complex financial systems.


We create impact that lasts. Solita is a Northern European community of highly and widely skilled experts combining tech, data and human insight.


Adgoji is a media agency. We have built a Clojure based real-time bidding platform that buys targeted mobile advertising space from the largest market places in the world.



Nextjournal is a tool that improves data-driven research. Our notebooks make results and methods reproducible and foster model-driven debate.


Learn Clojure, ClojureScript, Datalog, and ecosystem of libraries by building projects with idiomatic Clojure code.


Shortcut is an intuitive and enjoyable project management platform.


We are builders. We care about software craftsmanship, clean code, great UX, service design for clients from all continents and markets including fintech, security & healthcare.


Toyokumo provides people who are not good at using software with Web applications that are used to improve their productivity.


Griffin is an API-first bank and technology platform helping companies bring financial products to market quickly and safely.

doctronic GmbH & Co. KG

We support our customers in the publishing industry and the public sector with highly specialized software solutions, most of them written in Clojure. We are happy to support the Clojure community and the further development of Clojure.

180° Seguros

180° Seguros is an insurtech that was created with the purpose of transforming the model of consuming and distributing insurance in Brazil. We operate through a B2B2C model, providing a turnkey solution for companies to be able to sell insurance products in an innovative and digital way.

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These companies give a percentage of their revenue to Clojurists Together:

Founding Developer Members ⭐

Jean Niklas L'orange.

Developer Members

Johnny Eradus, Terje Sten Bjerkseth, Allen Rohner, Zach Tellman, Michael Glaesemann, Phillips Wolr, Zane Shelby, Eric Caspary, Otis Clark, Amar Mehta, Cam Saul, Chris Smothers, Stephen Cagle, Emin Hasanov, Jason Felice, Heather Moore-Farley, Remy Rojas, Toby Crawley, Harbin, Nate Hunzaker, Goet.

Founding Contributing Members ⭐

Ben Brinckerhoff, Alan Thompson, Juraj Martinka, Martin Klepsch, Ikuru Kanuma, Ayato N, Boris V. Schmid, Paulo Feodrippe, Bastien Guerry, Palak Mathur, Veha Suwatphisankij, Shaun Mahood, Avi Avicenna, Shogo Ohta, 河野 明日旭, Michiel Borkent, Alex Miller.

Contributing Members

LegalMate, Wilker Lucio, Thomas Heller, Thomas Connors, Nuttanart Pornprasitsakul, Erik Assum, Ryan McCuaig, Andrew Monks, Nicolas Berger, Steve Buikhuizen, Dieter Komendera, Dorab Patel, Jeffrey Simon, Drew Verlee, David Liepmann, Jakub Holy, Daniil Boykis, Raymond Huang, Andre Richards, Yiu Ming Huynh, Christina Lewis, Robert Geršak, Inge Solvoll, Josef Erben, Sebastian Bensuasan, Andrea Crotti, David Whittington, Oliver Caldwell, Jan Rychter, Jeremy Field, Jeff Hui, Martin Jung, Josh Reighley, Oliver Godby, Nick Nichols, Jakub Dundálek, Damiano Rühl, Agzamkhodja Ibragimov, Karel Miarka, Clay Hopperdietzel, Mauricio Aldazosa, Josip Gracin, Daniel Slutsky, Daniel Dorman, Davide Taviani, Kimmo Koskinen, Matthias Nüßler, Marc Sabates Gelpi, Iizuka Masashi, Shintaro Matsushima, Daniel Gregoire, Chris Oakman, Filipe Silva, Dan Sutton, Ryan Campbell, Felix Barbalet, Justin Belanger, Spencer Apple, Fed Reggiardo, Steven Harms, Julien Bille, Don Jackson, Sergey Shvets, Paul Rutledge, Alexander Oloo, Mario Trost, Aleksander S, Avi Flax, Alexander Solovyov, Anders Murphy, Andrii Malyshko, Peter East, Miguel Santesmases, Daniel Janus, Orlando J. Mendoza, Bridget Hillyer, Brandon Ringe, Santiago Gepigon III, Peter Denno, Daniel Schleindlsperger, Sergey Pariev, Haokang Den, Steffan Westcott, Miller, Justin Tirrell, David Harrigan, Ryan Jerue, Daniel Higginbotham, Matthew Davidson, Binford, Stoffel, Roman Ostash, Jacob Emcken, Lukasz Kozuchowski, Daw-Ran Liou, Timo Kramer, Ed Bowler, Arnaud Geiser, Maria Geller, Paula Gearon , Eric Dallo, Przemysław Koza, Danny Freeman, David Morgan, William Robinson, Warner, McCormick, Leif Eric Fredheim, Radu Matasaru, Byron Clark, Robert Kasanicky, Andrew Huggins, Logan Rios, Miro Bezjak, Siebenlist, Nick Lawler, Xiong, Thierry Smeekes, Colin Woodbury, Kirsten, Jonathan Millett, Espen Amble Kolstad, Pandit, Owen Riddy, Gleb Zakharov, Lars Kristian Maron Telle, Mike Shevchuk, Songtao Hu, Pete Windle, James Williams, Michael Cuccaro, Julien D'Eurveilher.