Funding critical Clojure open source software

The Clojurists Together Foundation is a trade organisation, dedicated to funding and supporting open source software, infrastructure, and documentation that is important to the Clojure and ClojureScript community.


How it works

Open source projects

Open source maintainers apply for funding, and if accepted, get paid to work on their project to make it better for everyone. Clojurists Together funds projects in three month cycles.

More Information

Companies and individuals

Companies and individual developers can sign up for a monthly or annual Clojurists Together membership. Your membership entitles you to certain benefits, including steering which projects get funded.

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Clojurists Together provides full transparency for how your money is spent:

Clojurists Together Summer of Bugs Selections

by Alyssa Parado
The Summer of Bugs selections are: clj-kondo vim-iced, DataScript, Calva, reitit, Keycloak-Clojure,

May 2020 Monthly Update

by Alyssa Parado
Read more updates from Fireplace, Cider, Figwheel, Practicalli, Re-frame, and Clojars

April 2020 Monthly Update

by Alyssa Parado
Read more updates from Ring, Calva, Reagent, Fireplace, and Clojars

Announcing Summer of Bugs

by lvh
Ever wanted to take a day off to fix an annoying bug or finally ship a feature? Clojurists Together Foundation wants to make that happen.

Announcing the Clojurists Together Foundation

by lvh and Daniel Compton
Clojurists Together has formed a trade association to grow and expand the work that we have been doing with the Clojure community.

Clojurists Together is Funding Clojars

by Daniel Compton
Clojurists Together is funding Clojars to improve its security, reliability, and ensure its long-term future

Q2 2020 Funding Announcement

by Daniel Compton
Clojurists Together is funding re-frame, Practicalli, CIDER/nREPL/Orchard, and Figwheel

March 2020 Monthly Update

by Daniel Compton
Read more updates from Oz, Reagent, Calva, and Ring

Q2 2020 Survey Results

by Daniel Compton
Our call for proposals for new projects will close on Thursday, April 9th, 2020 at 11:59pm PST.

February 2020 Update

by Daniel Compton
Read updates from Expound, Oz, Ring, Calva, and Reagent