Q4 2019 Survey Results and Call for Proposals

Thanks so much for your support and feedback in the latest survey. We value your opinions and always take suggestions into account as we make changes from quarter to quarter.

The call for proposals for new projects will close on Saturday, October 26th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST.

We’ll be funding four projects $9,000 each over three months ($3,000/mo).

Survey Responses

There were 61 respondents to the survey, down slightly from 65 in the last survey. The highlights are presented below.

What areas of Clojure would you like to see improvement in?

The main things people were interested in:

Error messages stood out for our company members in particular with 75% of respondents across a broad range of companies highlighting improvements to error messages.

If you work on any of these kinds of projects, please look at applying for funding.

Are there any particular libraries, tools, or projects that are important to you that you would like to see supported?

ClojureScript, Cloverage, Duct/Integrant, Neanderthal, Reagent, clj-kondo, cljsjs, expound, leiningen, orchestra, re-frame, shadow-cljs, spec, test.chuck/test.check.

If you’re a maintainer of any of these projects, please consider applying.

Have you seen any direct benefits from improvements to the projects we have funded?

A sampling of comments:

How would you like us to allocate our funding?

34 of company members wanted us to fund a mix of established and speculative projects, with the remainder wanting to focus on established projects. 83% of developer members wanted us to fund a mix, with 15% wanting us to fund established projects and one person wanting us to only fund speculative projects.

What are we doing well, what could we be doing better?

Doing well:

Could do better:

We are currently working on a number of changes to how Clojurists Together runs. Once these are complete, this will open up a bunch of new possibilities for us which we haven’t been able to do yet. We don’t have an exact date for when this is going to be ready, but it is coming soon. For members interested in learning more, please reach out and we’re happy to give you a preview.