Q3 2018 Funding Announcement

By Daniel Compton

Clojurists Together is happy to announce that for Q3 of 2018 (August-October) we are funding two projects: cljdoc and Shadow CLJS.


For those who are new to Clojurists Together, our goal is simple: Fund critical Clojure open-source projects to keep them healthy and sustainable. Clojure companies and individual developers sign up for a monthly contribution, and we pick projects to fund each quarter. This funding cycle is our third. Previously we have supported clj-http, Figwheel, ClojureScript, and CIDER.


cljdoc is a website that builds and hosts documentation for Clojure and ClojureScript libraries. Poor and out-of-date documentation has long been a complaint of Clojure developers. cljdoc improves the state of Clojure documentation by providing minimal-effort documentation building and hosting for all Clojure jars on Clojars and Maven. In our most recent survey, improving documentation was a common request. Martin Klepsch maintains cljdoc.

Martin’s plans for the next three months are:

Shadow CLJS

Shadow CLJS is a ClojureScript build tool that covers the entire spectrum from development and testing to production builds. It assumes no prior knowledge of the JVM or Clojure to get started, which makes it more accessible to a broader audience. Thomas Heller maintains Shadow CLJS.

Thomas’s plans for the next three months are:

Funding details

Each project receives a grant of $1,800USD/mo for three months.

Voting details

The projects that applied were:

Q4 Funding

We had a bunch of great applications from great projects; we would have liked to fund several more projects if we had the money. If you’d like to see more projects get funded, then please join. If you applied for the last funding cycle, you can re-use that application to apply for Q4. If you maintain a Clojure/ClojureScript project that is important to the community, consider applying for funding so we can help you keep it sustainable.

Lastly, a big thank you to all of our members. We couldn’t have done it without your support.