Q2 2018 Funding Announcement

By Daniel Compton

Clojurists Together is happy to announce that for Q2 of 2018 (May-July) we are funding two projects: CIDER and ClojureScript.


For those who are new to Clojurists Together, our goal is simple: Fund critical Clojure open-source projects to keep them healthy and sustainable. Clojure companies and individual developers sign up for a monthly contribution, and we pick projects to fund each quarter. This is our second funding cycle since launching. In the first funding cycle we supported clj-http and Figwheel.


CIDER is the most widely adopted Clojure development environment. In the most recent Clojure survey CIDER was the primary development environment for 50% of survey respondents. Additionally, in our most recent survey, it featured highly as a project important to our members workflows. It is maintained by Bozhidar Batsov.

Bozhidar’s plans for the next three months:


ClojureScript probably needs little introduction to most readers here. It is a dialect of Clojure that compiles to JavaScript to be able to target the browser, NodeJS, and the dozens of other platforms where JavaScript has a runtime. 83% of our members use ClojureScript in their work. We are funding Mike Fikes to continue his excellent work on the ClojureScript compiler. Mike is the number 2 or 3 contributor to ClojureScript (depending on how you count).

Mike’s plans for the next three months:

Funding details

Each project receives a grant of $1,800USD/mo for three months.

Voting details

As promised in our last update, our members have asked for more transparency around the voting results. The projects that applied were:

The top 5 projects were:

  1. CIDER
  2. ClojureScript
  3. Reagent
  4. Shadow CLJS
  5. Pyro

Q3 Funding

We had a bunch of good applications from great projects and would have liked to fund several more projects if we had more money. If you’d like to see more projects get funded, then please join. If you applied for the last funding cycle, you are able to re-use that application to apply for Q3. If you maintain a Clojure/ClojureScript project that is important to the community, consider applying for funding so we can help you keep it sustainable.

Lastly, a big thank you to all of our members. We couldn’t have done it without your support.