Q1 2018 Update and Survey Results

By Daniel Compton

Welcome to the first Clojurists Together update for 2018! We have recently run a survey on our members to better understand them and their needs. We are currently working in the process of finalising the projects we will fund and will have an announcement soon. In the meantime, we wanted to share the results of the survey to help future applicants see what our areas of focus are.

New Members

Since our announcement we have had 11 companies and 50 developers join up. A very special thanks to Transduce member Centriq, and Filter members JUXT and Metosin.

Survey Responses

There were 27 respondents to the survey. The highlights are presented below.

Which Clojure dialects do you regularly use?

Which platforms do you target?

In which domains are you applying Clojure?

What areas of Clojure would you like to see improvement in?

Documentation was the clear focus of respondents, with 67% wanting to see documentation improvements, 37% wanted to see library improvements, 33% wanted to see build tooling improve, 30% wanted to see test tooling improve.

How likely is it that you would recommend Clojurists Together to a friend or colleague?

Clojurists Together got a Net Promoter Score of 12 in this survey (above 0 is good, above 50 is great). We’d like to improve this, and got some great suggestions on ways that we can improve in the future.

Three key items that came up were:

  1. To be able to pay with a credit card directly without going through PayPal. We’d really like to be able to offer this, and are working with the Software Freedom Conservancy to find a good way to do this, while working within the constraints of being part of a larger foundation.
  2. More frequent communications. Now that we have the first funding cycle going, we will be publishing more frequent updates on its progress, as well as other things that we’re doing.
  3. More transparency of communication and policies. This will be partly addressed by more frequent communications, and we were asked for more clarity around how projects are funded, so we’ll be updating our site with more details around this.


If you work for a company that uses Clojure commercially, and you’re not a member, please consider joining, either with a company membership, or an individual membership. If you are already a member, thanks so much for your support, we couldn’t do it without you.