March 2019 Monthly Update

Clojurists Together News

Hello CT Community -

The second month of updates from Neanderthal and Aleph is here.

Thanks for your continued support of Clojurists Together!

Neanderthal update

  1. Deep Learning from Scratch to GPU - 9 - The Activation and its Derivative
    March 20, 2019 We implement the key part of the backward pass, the computation of the error of a layer. Along the way, we set up the infrastructure for the complete implementation of backpropagation.
  2. Deep Learning from Scratch to GPU - 10 - The Backward Pass (CUDA, OpenCL, Nvidia, AMD, Intel
    March 25, 2019 We complete the basic implementation of the backward pass of backpropagation and gradient descent.
  3. Deep Learning from Scratch to GPU - 11 - A Simple Neural Network Inference API
    March 28, 2019 The time is ripe for wrapping what we have built so far in a nice Neural Network API. After all, who would want to assemble networks by hand?

Aleph Update

I've spent quite a lot of time working through comments for previous PRs and keeping those changes in a mergable state. At the end of the day a few PRs made their way to master and I hope to see more following.





I've started this as an experiment.. but now part of client-side logic is implemented: connect/disconnect logic, publish messages to topics, acknowledgements flow for at least once QoS level. There're still a lot of things missing but end-to-end example already works. I hope I'll manage to pack those into a separate PR pretty soon.

Stay tuned!