Long-Term Funding for 2024

By Kathy Davis

Clojurists Together is excited to announce that we will be awarding each of 7 developers $1,500 USD/month for 12 months in 2024 (a total of $126,000).

This is the 3rd year that we have been able to fund a significant number of longer-term project developers. This is due to the generous support from our membership, particularly from companies whose major contributions have made this number of annual awards possible. A shout out to: Latacora, Roam Research, Whimsical, Pitch, Nubank, Cisco, Metosin, Stylitics, Logseq, JUXT, Solita, adgoji, Grammarly, Nextjournal, ClojureStream, Shortcut, Flexiana, Toyokumo, Griffin, Doctronic, 180 Seguros, and Kroo Bank.

As in past years, we will be sending members a draft list of potential nominees to ask if there are additional folks they would like added to the ballot. The final ballot will go out to members using a Ranked Vote election to determine the final 7 recipients. As always, your input and participation is important and helps make Clojurists Together effective by ensuring members’ voices inform the work undertaken.

Developers’ 2023 Updates

Updates from our Long-Term Developers are posted on our website every two months. They are testaments to the incredible and varied contributions they have been able to make because of this type of long-term support. Check out a few recent reports:
July/August 2023
May/June 2023
Custom Formatters for Firefox (Release)
March/April 2023
Jan/Feb 2023


In 2021, we talked to developers to understand how Clojurists Together could better serve them. One of the things we heard was that developers were looking for more flexibility and stability in funding and that they appreciated Cognitect’s funding model.

In response, we created a long-term funding program alongside our existing shorter-term project grants - giving funded developers $1.5k/month for 12 months. We have seen that giving developers flexible, long-term funding gives them the space to do high-impact work. This might be continuing maintenance on existing projects, new feature development, or perhaps a brand-new project. We’ve been excited with what they came up with in the last few years and are looking forward to seeing more great work in 2024! Thanks all!

Past Recipients

2023 Recipients
· Bozhidar Batsov
· Christophe Grand
· Eric Dallo
· Michiel Borkent
· Nikita Prokopov
· Peter Stromberg
· Peter Taoussanis
· Sean Corfield
· Thomas Heller
· Toby Crawley
· Tommi Reiman

2022-2023 Special Project
· Sebastian Zartner (Custom Formatters/FireFox)

2021-2022 Recipients
· Bozhidar Batsov
· Michiel Borkent
· Dragan Djuric
· Thomas Heller
· David Nolen
· Nikita Prokopov