June 2019 Monthly Update

Clojurists Together

Hi CT Community -

It's been a successful second month with our selected Q2 project, Fireplace, check out the updates below.

The Call for Proposals for Q3 Projects at Clojurists Together is now open!

Just a reminder that Daniel is speaking about Clojurists Together again soon. Catch him at one of the following local events:

Heart of Clojure - Money for Nothing: The past and future of funding OSS
August 2nd in Leuven, Belgium

Strange Loop - A Stitch in Time - The future of OSS Sustainability
September 12-14 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Thanks for your continued support of Clojurists Together.

Fireplace update

Job support at an API level is live on master for both Vim and Neovim. The first user facing feature to take advantage of this is the test runner, which is now fully asynchronous.


This update brings us a handful of miscellaneous user facing features plus a lot of refactoring to get the data model in line with async support.