July 2019 Monthly Update

Clojurists Together

Hi CT Community -

Daniel has just come back from Belgium to speak at Heart of Clojure about building stable foundations. The talk was recorded and will be coming out sometime in the future. We met lots of Clojurists Together supporters at the conference and had a stand there to talk about the work we are able to fund thanks to our members.

Heart of Clojure talk

Daniel's favourite slide :) Developer members of Clojurists Together #heartofclojure pic.twitter.com/6qNgPtwivT

— Kimmo Koskinen (@KimmoKoskinen) August 3, 2019

(Daniel also had slides thanking our company members but we didn't get any photos of them. If you have any, let us know!)

You'll notice that the Clojurists Together has started to get a fresher look. We've been very fortunate to receive some design assistance from @paintparty to improve the visual design and information architecture of the site. Thanks!

Fireplace has completed a wonderful quarter with Clojurists Together culminating in a release of version 2.0. Tim has done a ton of great work and we are grateful for the opportunity to support him.

Just a reminder that Daniel is speaking about Clojurists Together again soon. Catch him at Strange Loop talking about A Stitch in Time - The future of OSS Sustainability
September 12-14 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Thanks for your continued support of Clojurists Together.

Boot update

Keen observers of Clojurists Together may remember that we funded Matthew Ratzke this quarter to work on version 3 and 4 of Boot. However, other things came up and it turned out Matthew wasn't able to work on Boot during this time period. We cancelled this grant with no money paid out, but would love to support Boot sometime again in the future.

Fireplace update

July 1-15

This update is mostly responding to user feedback and bug reports from the async overhaul.


July 16-31

Did a second pass through the issue tracker, all that's left is a handful of feature requests. Did some polishing and released 2.0.