Clojurists Together Long-Term Funding for 2022-2023

By Daniel Compton

Last year, Clojurists Together introduced a new funding type, long-term funding. The goal of this funding was to:

Last year

We gave seven developers $1,500 USD/month for 12 months, supported by our members.

These developers all did incredible work over the last year, and we were happy to be able to fund them. You can view the work they did in their monthly updates over the previous year, including their most recent updates.


We’re now looking to do a second round of long-term funding. Thanks to Clojurists Together continued support from the Clojure community, we are going to be funding ten developers or teams USD 1,500/month for 12 months. Like last year, Clojurists Together members will be sent a voting form to select the developers they’d like to fund. This year, we’re also accepting nominations for teams of people who work on open source together. This could be as part of a company, or just a group of people who work on open source projects together.

All Clojurists Together members will receive an email to nominate Clojure developers/teams. We will be accepting nominations until 23 October, 2022. We will then send out a voting form to all members to vote on the developers/teams they’d like to fund.


A special thanks to all of our members who have made this possible, in particular Latacora, Roam Research, Whimsical, Stylitics, AppsFlyer, Pitch, Nubank, Cisco, Logseq, JUXT, Metosin, Solita, Adgoji, Nextjournal, ClojureStream, Shortcut, Flexiana, Toyokumo, doctronic, and 180° Seguros. We couldn’t do this without your support.