Call for Proposals. February 2024 Member Survey

By Kathy Davis

Call for Proposals.

Greetings All! It’s that time again.

Clojurists Together is pleased to announce that we are opening our Q2 2024 funding round for Clojure Open Source Projects. Applications will be accepted through the 4th of March 2024 (midnight Pacific Time). We are looking forward to reviewing your proposals! More information and the application can be found here.

We will be awarding up to $44,000 USD for a total of 6-8 projects. The $2k funding tier is for experimental projects or smaller proposals, whereas the $9k tier is for those that are more established. Projects generally run 3 months, however, the $9K projects can run between 3 and 12 months as needed. We expect projects to start on April 1, 2024.

We surveyed our members in February to find out what types of initiatives they would like us to focus on for this round of funding. Their responses are summarized below. In particular, it was great to see members' feedback relating to how often they used or referred to developers' work we have funded. Check this out!

Use of work Feb 2024

If you are working on a Clojure open source project or have a new one in mind, especially one mentioned as a focus area for our members, consider applying. Or if you know someone that might be interested, please pass this information along. Let’s get the word out! If you have questions, please contact Kathy Davis at

Our Members Speak: Feedback from the February 2024 Survey.

platforms targeted feb 24

clojure improvement feb 24

clojurescript improvements feb 24

What areas of the Clojure and ClojureScript ecosystem need support?

What areas of the Clojure and ClojureScript ecosystem are strong? 

Are there any particular libraries, tools, or projects that are important to you that you would like to see supported?

(Number of mentions in parentheses):

What would you like to be different in the Clojure community in the next 12 months?