2023 Annual Members' Meeting

By Kathy Davis

Clojurists Together held its Annual Membership meeting on 10 October 2023 (10-11 a.m. Pacific Time). A big thanks to all of you who were able to attend. For those of you who couldn’t, here is a summary of the meeting and subsequent discussion.

Board Elections: The first order of business was to acknowledge our new board members and thank our departing members Chris Nuernberger and Ikuru Kanuma. In October, Members elected 4 board members for two-year terms:

In addition, two board members have 1 year remaining of their board term:

Summary of Presentation:

Summary of Funding Activities:

Summary of 2023 Funding:
- Long-term funding: 10 developers, $18k each, $180k in total. Bozhidar Batsov, Michiel Borkent, Sean Corfield, Eric Dallo, Christophe Grand, Thomas Heller, Nikita Prokopov, Tommi Reiman, Peter Stromberg, Peter Taoussanis, Toby Crawley (5 months $7.5K)
- Funded 30 projects for $150k: 23 smaller projects ($130k total) in 2023 and 7 from Q3 2022 continued into 2023 ($20k). Adopted flexible funding, up to 12 months.
- Q1 2023: Aleph/Manifold, Clerk, clojure-ts-mode, Donut, Doxa, Exercism, Neanderthal
- Q2 2023: clj-kondo et al, clj-Nix, Clojure Camp, Emmy, Jank, Portfolio, Lucene Grep, Neanderthal
- Q3 2023: Biff, Bosquet, Deps-try, Emmy, GDL, Jank , Neanderthal, Quil
- Firefox Custom Formatters: Sebastian Zartner continued work to add Custom Formatters to Firefox. Released August, 2023. ($18k)

Company Membership: Thanks to all our company members (Map, Transduce, Filter Memberships)

Individual Members:
While we need to work on growing both our individual and company memberships to support more projects, our retention rate (95%) is incredibly high.

Summary of Financials:

Discussion and Follow-Up:
Has the board solicited major projects in the past - and how could we incorporate this approach as part of the funding model in addition to the open proposal model?

The board has solicited specific projects in the past (FireFox release a good example), however, it has been difficult to find developers that have both the specific expertise and the bandwidth to commit to major projects.
Follow-Up: We can include more specific questions in the Long Term Survey about the types of projects we should champion.
Follow-Up: We can connect with sponsor companies to understand more about their use and needs related to targeted platforms, developer tools, resources, etc.

Is the current reporting format meeting the needs of the membership - are there suggestions for improvement? (The reports are quite detailed and are written and submitted by the developers on a regular basis).

While the reports provide a useful way for members to access new tools and information, they also provide a way of demonstrating the value of the work funded by companies and individual members. A membership supports REAL work! Members attending scan current reports for the info that is most useful or interesting to them - so details are not a negative.
Follow-up: We should consider highlighting 5-10 accomplishments - easy access, intriguing, problem-solved, etc. for marketing our unique value as a community and an organization.