Funding critical Clojure open source software

The Clojurists Together Foundation is a trade organisation, dedicated to funding and supporting open source software, infrastructure, and documentation that is important to the Clojure and ClojureScript community.


How it works

Open source projects

Open source maintainers apply for funding, and if accepted, get paid to work on their project to make it better for everyone. Clojurists Together funds projects in three month cycles.

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Companies and individuals

Companies and individual developers can sign up for a monthly or annual Clojurists Together membership. Your membership entitles you to certain benefits, including steering which projects get funded.

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Clojurists Together provides full transparency for how your money is spent:

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Congratulations! Your membership to Clojurists Together has begun. If you have any questions, get in touch. Have a great day!

Open Source

Applications Application Requirements: Questions: Example Application Clojurists Together Work Expectations Funding amounts Considerations Selecting Projects Project Reports Getting paid Timeline Applications Every three months, Clojurists Together takes applications from open source developers for funding to work on open source projects. The Clojurists Together committee then evaluates the proposals, makes their selection, and then funds projects with a fellowship for the next three months.


Currently Funded Projects Q3 2019 CIDER CIDER is a very popular programming environment and it’s infrastructure (nREPL, cider-nrepl, piggieback and orchard) powers many of the other tools out there (e.g. vim-fireplace, vim-iced, calva, etc). Improvements to CIDER and it’s foundational pieces generally benefits most of the Clojure community. It is maintained by Bozhidar Batsov. Shadow CLJS Shadow CLJS is a ClojureScript build tool that covers the entire spectrum from development and testing to production builds.


The Clojurists Together Committee is made up of: Maria Geller Daniel Solano Gómez Larry Staton Jr Nola Stowe Fumiko Hanreich Laurens Van Houtven Daniel Compton (project leader) - Daniel is a maintainer of Clojars and runs Deps, a private Maven repository service. The Committee is responsible for governing the project, selecting which projects are sponsored, administering the project, and interacting with sponsors. Clojurists Together has also hired Rachel Magruder as a part-time administrative assistant to help run the program.


Clojurists Together takes the responsibility of spending and allocating your donations very seriously. These are the steps we’ve taken to ensure that members have confidence in how their money is spent: We publish regular updates showing what we did, and where the money went. In particular, if any money went to committee members, e.g. for travel, then this is explicitly broken out. Annual elections for committee members are held, and anyone may submit themselves for election.

Updating or Cancelling your PayPal subscription

If you signed up for Clojurists Together using PayPal, you can manage your payments using the PayPal site. First, log in to PayPal. Then, find and click the small gear icon in the top right corner of your PayPal Homepage, it will provide you a secondary menu. From the secondary menu that opens, choose the ‘Payments’ option. Choose the prompt to ‘Manage Automatic Payments’ once you’ve clicked ‘Payments’. On the panel that appears on the left-hand side of the page, choose ‘Software Freedom Conservancy’.