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The Clojurists Together Foundation is a trade organisation, dedicated to funding and supporting open source software, infrastructure, and documentation that is important to the Clojure and ClojureScript community.


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Open source maintainers apply for funding, and if accepted, get paid to work on their project to make it better for everyone. Clojurists Together funds projects in three month cycles.

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Companies and individuals

Companies and individual developers can sign up for a monthly or annual Clojurists Together membership. Your membership entitles you to certain benefits, including steering which projects get funded.

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Clojurists Together provides full transparency for how your money is spent:

January 2019 Monthly Update

We are happy to announce the conclusion of Q4 2018 and the beginning of our Q1 2019 funding round where we are funding Aleph and Neanderthal. These are the final progress reports for projects Datascript and Kaocha. Special thanks to Nikita and Arne for all your hard work!

Q1 2019 Funding Announcement

Clojurists Together is happy to announce that for Q1 of 2019 (February-April) we are funding two projects: Neanderthal with Dragan Djuric, and Aleph with Oleksii Kachaiev.

December 2018 Monthly Update

Thanks again to those who participated in our Q1 2019 survey, we greatly value your feedback. Project applications for our Q1 2019 round close on 15th Jan, midnight PST. The selections will be announced shortly afterwards. The Q1 2019 projects will start on February 1. This month we have updates again from Datascript and Kaocha.

Q1 2019 Survey Results and Call for Proposals

Happy New Year Clojurists Together community! Thanks so much for your support and feedback in the latest survey. We value your opinions and always take suggestions into account as we make changes from quarter to quarter. Project applications for our Q1 2019 round close on 15th Jan, midnight PST. The selections will be announced shortly afterwards. The Q1 2019 projects will start on February 1.

November 2018 Monthly Update

We are happy to close the month of November with a successful start to the fourth quarter at Clojurists Together. Our Q4 projects, Datascript and Kaocha, are well on their way. In November we elected new board members at CT- thanks to everyone who participated in the elections. A warm welcome to Nola Stowe, Fumiko Hanreich, and Laurens Van Houtven!

2018 Committee Election Results

Clojurists Together has held our first election for people to serve on the committee. The members of Clojurists Together have elected Nola Stowe, Fumiko Hanreich, and Laurens Van Houtven.

2018 Committee Election Candidates

Thanks to everyone who applied to join the Clojurists Together Committee. Here we present the nine candidates, their motivations for joining, and a brief biography so you can learn a little bit about each one. The candidates are (in a randomised order): Nola Stowe, Laurens Van Houtven, Vijay Kiran, Nicolas Modryzk, Ghadi Shayban, Ikuru Kyogoku John Stevenson, Travis McNeill, and Fumiko Hanreich.

Join the Clojurists Together Committee

As we near the close of our first year at Clojurists Together, we are opening up elections for new committee positions. As part of our commitment to transparency and community governance, Clojurists Together holds annual elections. The Committee is responsible for governing the projects, selecting which projects are sponsored, administering the projects, and interacting with sponsors. This year, we had seven committee members: Toby Crawley Bridget Hillyer Maria Geller Devin Walters Daniel Solano Gómez Larry Staton Jr Daniel Compton (project leader) Committee members are elected for a two-year term.

October 2018 Monthly Update

Clojurists Together News We are happy to close the month of October with a successful third quarter at Clojurists Together. Earlier this month, we announced our new project selections for Q4, Datascript and Kaocha. Welcome to all of our new members that joined this month. Special thanks to new Filter company members Pitch, AdGoji, and Funding Circle. It’s because of your support that we can continue to grow at Clojurists Together.

September 2018 Monthly Update

Clojurists Together news September was a successful month. We have new project updates and results from our quarterly survey. Don’t forget, CT is currently accepting applications for our 4th Quarter Call for Proposals. Check out this great video presentation from Martin Klepsch on Documenting the Clojure/Script Ecosystem. Thanks to all of our members who support Clojurists Together. It’s thanks to your generous support that we can do this. cljdoc updates Hey dear ClojuristsTogether crew!